I decided not to contribute anymore to Weboob as I don't want to legitimate the views of the project. This is a personal clone, likely unmaintained.
Guillaume Risbourg 8a763d19e3 [capabilities/bank] Add TransferNotFound to __all__ 1 month ago
applications woob launcher: do not rely on argv[0] 2 months ago
browser replace weboob.org URLs with woob.tech 2 months ago
capabilities [capabilities/bank] Add TransferNotFound to __all__ 1 month ago
core add symbols in __all__ (don't know if it's useful but it fixes pyflakes) 2 months ago
tools do not use 'woob-' prefix in application names 2 months ago
__init__.py update copyright date and author 2 months ago
exceptions.py woob: update license on core with new project name 2 months ago