15463 Commits (master)

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  Roger Philibert 6b859d4b78 woob: more renames 4 months ago
  Vincent A 7f0c5015c9 man: remove deleted app woob-athon 4 months ago
  Vincent A 38e6a5cc72 contrib/replace-backends-pass.py: woob rename 4 months ago
  Vincent A 0e709929c3 woob: more URL moves 4 months ago
  Guillaume Risbourg 8a763d19e3 [capabilities/bank] Add TransferNotFound to __all__ 4 months ago
  Thibault Douge 295532c925 [ing] update the method name which is in the parent module 4 months ago
  Thibault Douge 7439da4988 [boursedirect] remove the part of life insurance 4 months ago
  Vincent A 613723210f [creditcooperatif] add CapDocument 4 months ago
  Vincent A 40877f3589 [caissedepargne] type some NOTICE documents 4 months ago
  Vincent A 5e04a697f1 [caissedepargne] navigate to the proper document year before download 4 months ago
  Vincent A a358abf183 [caissedepargne] given pages.py, Document.url cannot be null 4 months ago
  Vincent A 16bf55223d [caissedepargne] fix Subscription.id type and value 4 months ago
  Damien Mat 14c6f915d9 [hsbc] handle user locked 4 months ago
  Thibault Douge d3c2bdf345 [infomaniak] update of the keys in the json page 4 months ago
  Christophe Francois a360f00323 [aviva] Handle empty investment_detail page 4 months ago
  Dorian Roly 65a3e21793 [boursorama] Update condition on iter_accounts to avoid external crypto accounts 4 months ago
  Nicolas Vergnac aff2539505 [banquepopulaire] typing lifeinsurance for horizeo 4 months ago
  Damien Mat dfb7c6d5b8 [lcl] market_orders explicitely not implemented 4 months ago
  Ilyas Semmaoui d3389faa88 [banquepopulaire] raise BrowserUnavailable for unavailable account history 4 months ago
  Damien c6091ad2c4 [delubac] Fix transactions amounts 4 months ago
  Christophe Francois 12037f925d [societegenerale] Type capitalisation contract & life insurance 4 months ago
  Thibault Douge 4b1ecdaa21 [trainline] Add Proxy-Connection header 4 months ago
  Thibault Douge 4c3b947747 [trainline] set cookie _abck 4 months ago
  Florent Fourcot 21a7419d26 contrib/munin: long() is not py3 4 months ago
  Vincent Ardisson 9660c75850 [creditdunord] fix pyflakes 4 months ago
  Florian Duguet 63da4f77e8 [cmso - par] add a specific header for submodule allianzbanque 4 months ago
  Olivier Da Rocha f609d2ca1b [bp] create fake summary transaction for special deferred cards 5 months ago
  Olivier Da Rocha 18f056b885 [bp] handle deferred cards that have empty summary history 5 months ago
  Olivier Da Rocha 7a627ac8ec [bp] add several fixes to card retrieval 5 months ago
  Stéphane Sobucki 922da19c52 [caissedepargne] Updated password field label 4 months ago
  Ilyas Semmaoui 1c667bc897 [amelipro] update coding style 4 months ago
  Ilyas Semmaoui b31a79213f [amelipro] update credential labels 4 months ago
  Olivier Da Rocha eaa3cc4369 [delubac] rework module because website has changed 4 months ago
  Martin Lavoie e402d8f9c3 [cmso] Remove duplicate operation 4 months ago
  Ilyas Semmaoui 4144ed854c [ameli] Handle invalid credentials 4 months ago
  Damien Mat 134927ea9a [creditdunord] Fix condition for accounts 4 months ago
  Damien Mat 6a52f1aee2 [creditdunord] Fix IbanPage unavailable 4 months ago
  Christophe Francois be71b2de93 [carrefourbanque] Raise AuthMethodNotImplemented 4 months ago
  Maxime Gasselin 8dfce698a2 [linebourse] add assert for inaccessible accounts 4 months ago
  Damien Mat f2f9b0361f [creditdunord] implement CapBankMatching 5 months ago
  Damien Mat 7ef3d9f422 [creditdunord] additional changes after module upgrade 5 months ago
  Christophe Francois 3bae413e15 [creditdunord] New version of the module using JSON pages 5 months ago
  Thibault Douge e6f3a892e9 [trainline] refactor the module because trainline has new website 5 months ago
  Florian Duguet 844c3169c8 [orange] handle missing fields in profile page 4 months ago
  Martin Lavoie e884c51269 [cmso] Fix retry in python 3 4 months ago
  Ludovic LANGE 2cbfb34c02 [cesu] A copyleft re-implementation of the favicon 1 year ago
  Ludovic LANGE f9bdd07117 [cesu] Adding a favicon file 1 year ago
  Romain Bignon 1c32ecd80e wordreference: fix module 4 months ago
  Romain Bignon 79faac00d7 add symbols in __all__ (don't know if it's useful but it fixes pyflakes) 4 months ago
  Romain Bignon 486dd2ef45 woob launcher: do not rely on argv[0] 4 months ago