A tool to shorten URLs à la tinyURL, that you can put on your own server. Deprecated, use https://framagit.org/luc/lstu/ instead.
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This is a small one-file script to shorten URLs, à la bitly or tinyURL.


Just put the index.php file in a writeable directory behind your webserver.

Edit the first lines of the index.php file (config) to fit your configuration.

You are ready to use it !

Links will be stored in the file specified in config, as serialized gzip php array.


This script is a fork from http://git.cphyc.me/cgit.cgi/tinyURL, written by cphyc.

I don’t give a damn to the modifications I made to this script and there was no license specified on the original repo. So, I think you can reuse it freely (or contact cphyc for more info).

As usual, if you find it useful and reuse it, it’s always nice to cite the original author. Furthermore, if you find it useful, and if we ever meet some day, you can buy me a beer soda in return, if you think it’s worth it :)