Wrapper around Weboob to expose a HTTP API.
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This script wraps around Weboob and its modules to expose an HTTP JSON API, that could be easily requested by huginn.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install weboob according to [their doc]()
  3. Install requirements, pip install -r requirements.txt.


If you want to edit the configuration, copy infotuyoob/default_settings.json anywhere you want, and edit the file according to your needs.


Typical command-line usage for this script is:


This script spawns a Bottle webserver, listening on localhost:7777 (by default).

You can pass it a path to a settings JSON file to use if you want: ./server.py some_settings.json.


For a complete description of the API, see the API description in the doc/ folder.


All contributions are welcome. Feel free to make a PR :)

Python code is currently Python 2, but should be Python 3 compatible as Weboob is moving towards Python 3. All Python code should be PEP8 compliant.


The content of this repository is licensed under an MIT license, unless explicitly mentionned otherwise.


  • Weboob and the weboob guys on #weboob @ freenode
  • Kresus for giving the original idea and base code.