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Flatisfy is your new companion to ease your search of a new housing :)
**Note**: This software is under heavy development at the moment, and the
database schema could change at any time. Do not consider it as being
production ready. However, I am currently using it for my own housing search
and it is working fine :)
**Note**: For the moment, it requires [this MR on
Weboob](https://git.weboob.org/weboob/devel/merge_requests/31) which has not
yet been merged.
<img src="doc/img/home.png" width="45%"/> <img src="doc/img/home2.png" width="45%"/>
It uses [Weboob](http://weboob.org/) to get all the housing posts on most of
the websites offering housings posts, and then offers a bunch of pipelines to
filter and deduplicate the fetched housings.
It can be used as a command-line utility, but also exposes a web API and
visualisation, to browse through the results.
_Note_: It is targeted at French users (due to the currently supported
websites), and in particular at people living close to Paris, as I developped
it for my personal use, and am currently living in Paris :) Any feedback and
merge requests to better support other countries / cities are more than
_Note_: In this repository and across the code, I am using the name "flat". I
use it as a placeholder for "housing" and consider both are interchangeable.
This code is not restricted to handling flats only!
## Getting started
See the [getting started guide](doc/0.getting_started.md).
## Documentation
See the [dedicated folder](doc/).
## Screenshots
### Home page
Display available flats on a map:
<img src="doc/img/home.png"/>
And list them with the details in a sortable table:
<img src="doc/img/home2.png"/>
### Details page
Uniform display of the flat information in a dedicated page, with the contact etc:
<img src="doc/img/details.png"/>
### Follow flats
Track interesting flats and store them with notes:
<img src="doc/img/followed.png"/>
## OpenData
I am using the following datasets, available under `flatisfy/data_files`,
which covers Paris. If you want to run the script using some other location,
you might have to change these files by matching datasets.
* [LaPoste Hexasmal](https://datanova.legroupe.laposte.fr/explore/dataset/laposte_hexasmal/?disjunctive.code_commune_insee&disjunctive.nom_de_la_commune&disjunctive.code_postal&disjunctive.libell_d_acheminement&disjunctive.ligne_5) for the list of cities and postal codes in France.
* [RATP stations](https://data.ratp.fr/explore/dataset/positions-geographiques-des-stations-du-reseau-ratp/table/?disjunctive.stop_name&disjunctive.code_postal&disjunctive.departement) for the list of subway stations with their positions in Paris and nearby areas.
Both datasets are licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License
(ODbL): https://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/.
## License
The content of this repository is licensed under an MIT license, unless
explicitly mentionned otherwise.
## Contributing
See the `CONTRIBUTING.md` file for more infos.
## Thanks
* [Weboob](http://weboob.org/)
* The OpenData providers listed above!
* Navitia for their really cool public transportation API.
* A lots of Python modules, required for this script (see `requirements.txt`).
* [Kresus](https://framagit.org/bnjbvr/kresus) which gave me part of the
original idea (at least proved me such software based on scraping can
achieve a high quality level :)
* Current favicon is from [Wikipedia](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Home_Icon.svg)