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e0f8434877 Fix whooshalchemy
Whooshalchemy was adding an event every time a new db session was
created, thus increasing a lot the computation time at each new call.

This is now fixed, and is a partial fix for #43.
2017-05-05 11:04:29 +02:00
Various bug fixes
Fix some bugs introduced in recent developments as well as some UI
issues (and i18n).

Closes issue #42.
2017-05-04 20:52:10 +02:00
49f5b6a714 Status of flats was not correctly set at first import
When importing flats for the first time, their status was not correctly
set, resulting in flats not being marked as ignored when they should be.

This is a bug introduced with the fix for issue #31, now fixed.
2017-05-04 15:33:20 +02:00
9d7707ec4c Add screenshots in the file
This closes issue #16.
2017-05-04 10:51:28 +02:00
Use stars to note flats
Instead of a binary "followed" / "not followed" status, use 5 stars to
allow users to give a note to a flat between 0 (not followed) and 5. Any
note different from zero add a "followed" status.

Closes issue #36.
2017-05-03 22:14:51 +02:00
Add the possibility to leave notes on flats
* Add a database field to store `notes` (as a memo) about flats.
* Add matching UI elements to let users store their notes about flats.

This commit closes issue #34.
2017-05-03 19:18:07 +02:00
8a50dd3302 Do not refetch details on filtering. To fetch details, one should do import. Closes issue #38. 2017-05-03 15:55:08 +02:00
982ea995a7 Add a search feature and matching UI elements
Also do some minor UI improvements:
* Add an icon to identify followed flats in tables
* Fix wrong enforced plural for 'flats'
2017-05-03 15:55:08 +02:00
3df3162e2a Be careful when filtering / reimporting, do not overwrite user-defined status. Closes #31. 2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
b0e18b45b7 Fix bugs in Chromium. Closes issue #33. 2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
aae71282aa Better display of time_to, close issue #32. 2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
589bfdfb13 Better deduplication
Perform deeper deduplication, based on all the available data, and
trying to match common photos.
2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
2af742b764 Various UI fixes
* Fix status on details page
* Fix follow button on details page
* Replace back button by a link on the flat status
* Fix leaflet markers position, close #24
* Fix Leaflet icons
* Add unfollow link on followed posts
2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
bd3e599d12 Handle weboob exceptions, fix issue #25 2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
0fb5f28184 Add a page listing flats by status
Also display the journeys on the details view.
2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
5f2f4d0ccf Better deduplication
* Improve deduplication on URLs (match sets).
* Keep track of duplicates and update their status on refiltering.
2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
1d98c631e0 Refilter command and backends in config
* Add a refilter command
* Add a backend option in config to only enable some backends.
2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
18ef841672 Update doc 2017-05-03 15:55:07 +02:00
65bd5db98a Fix Decimal issue with JSON 2017-05-03 15:55:06 +02:00
847a5954d5 Send credentials with API calls, to make HTTP auth work
Also serve OSM tiles with HTTPS
2017-05-03 15:55:06 +02:00
f7c7459d96 Add screen reader description and a favicon
Closes issue #20.
2017-05-03 15:55:06 +02:00
3635e7c559 FlatsTable columns should be sortable
Closes issue #4.
2017-05-03 15:55:06 +02:00
533638e16d Back did not work on flat details page sometimes
Closes issue #13.
2017-05-03 15:55:06 +02:00
5f47b0ff65 Write some documentation 2017-05-03 15:54:59 +02:00
a57d9ce8e3 Switch to a Vue-based web app
* Init Webpack / Babel / etc setup.
* Build the app using Vue, Vue-router, Vuex.
* i18n

Some backends changes were made to match the webapp development:
* Return the flat status as a single string ("new" rather than

* Completely switch to calling Weboob API directly for fetching
* Use Canister for Bottle logging
* Handle merging of details dict better
* Add a WSGI script
* Keep track of duplicates
* Webserver had to be restarted to fetch external changes to the db
* Handle leboncoin module better

Also add contributions guidelines.

Closes issue #3
Closes issue #14.
2017-05-03 15:54:26 +02:00
Styling update, fix some Pylint errors
Also update the stations fetching code to handle the warn the user when
fetched stations differ from the one fetched at previous pass.
2017-04-13 23:22:11 +02:00
Initial commit 2017-04-13 20:03:59 +02:00
f060324bae Initial commit 2017-04-03 17:07:30 +02:00