Flatisfy is your new companion to ease your search of a new housing :)
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PROJECT HAS MOVED: Please use Framagit to create issues on the project. You can still create merge requests from either Github or Framagit.

Flatisfy is your new companion to ease your search of a new housing :)

Note: This software is under heavy development at the moment, and the database schema could change at any time. Do not consider it as being production ready. However, I am currently using it for my own housing search and it is working fine :)

It uses WebOOB to get all the housing posts on most of the websites offering housings posts, and then offers a bunch of pipelines to filter and deduplicate the fetched housings.

It can be used as a command-line utility, but also exposes a web API and visualisation, to browse through the results.

Note: It is targeted at French users (due to the currently supported websites), and in particular at people living close to Paris, as I developped it for my personal use, and am currently living in Paris :) Any feedback and merge requests to better support other countries / cities are more than welcome!

Note: In this repository and across the code, I am using the name “flat”. I use it as a placeholder for “housing” and consider both are interchangeable. This code is not restricted to handling flats only!

Getting started

See the getting started guide. If you want to give it a try quickly, you can have a look at the Docker image.

Documentation for the whole app is available online.


See the dedicated folder.


Home page

Display available flats on a map:

And list them with the details in a sortable table:

Details page

Uniform display of the flat information in a dedicated page, with the contact etc:

Follow flats

Track interesting flats and store them with notes:


I am using the following datasets, available under flatisfy/data_files, which covers Paris. If you want to run the script using some other location, you might have to change these files by matching datasets.

  • LaPoste Hexasmal for the list of cities and postal codes in France.
  • Navitia public transport datasets for the list of subway/tram/bus stations with their positions in France. These are the stops_fr-*.txt files, extracted from the NTFS datasets for each region.

Both datasets are licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL): https://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/.


The content of this repository is licensed under an MIT license, unless explicitly mentionned otherwise.


See the CONTRIBUTING.md file for more infos.


Your Flatisfy instance is accessible through an API. API documentation is available here.

Getting help

Feel free to open issues. An IRC channel is available at irc://irc.freenode.net/flatisfy as well.


  • WebOOB. Note that this is actually the only and best software out there to scrape housing posts online. Using it in Flatisfy does not mean the authors of Flatisfy endorse WebOOB authors’ views.
  • The OpenData providers listed above!
  • Navitia for their really cool public transportation API.
  • A lots of Python modules, required for this script (see requirements.txt).
  • Kresus which gave me part of the original idea (at least proved me such software based on scraping can achieve a high quality level :)
  • Current favicon is from Wikipedia