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A blackboard using a Raspberry Pi and a pico-projector !


I had a Raspberry Pi, an old videoprojector and a Wacom tablet lying around and search for something cool to do with them. So, I decided to make an interactive blackboard.

The base code is minimalist for now, but I will develop it in the future.

So, basically, you just have to connect the Wacom tablet and the videoprojector to the Raspberry Pi and launch the script.

Detailed configuration

I have an Arch Linux ARM up to date on my Raspberry Pi (important to have the modules for wacom tablet, only available from version 3.10.27-1 of linux-raspberrypi package). The wacom tablet should be detected automatically by the kernel and be usable.

The picoprojector is connected to the Raspberry Pi via composite AV cable.

I didn't want to have a full desktop environment running on my Raspberry Pi, so I just installed the X server, and set up a xinitrc in my user home dir to automatically launch this python script at startup. I also set up an automatic login using (this page)[https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/automatic_login_to_virtual_console].

I still have to find a correct configuration for the Wacom tablet. Especially to be able to use the eraser and the menu in the app.


Note : The original code was found here: http://compsci.ca/v3/viewtopic.php?t=32343. I reused his code which was a good base for my code, but don't have any ways to contact him and no information on the license. So, the following only apply to my personnal modifications of the code.

TLDR; I don't give a damn to anything you can do using this code (but please, tell me if you do anything cool :). It would just be nice to quote where the original code comes from.

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