A React interface for Ampache player.


Ampache React

This is an alternative web interface for Ampache built using Ampache XML API and React.

Trying it out

Just drop this repo in a location served by a webserver, make your webserver serve the public folder and head your browser to the correct URL :)

Or you can use the hosted version.


To use this interface, you need:

  • An Ampache server on which you have an account, serving the XML API. Ensures your server has correct CORS header set.
  • A modern browser.

For now, this is a work in progress and as such, the hosted version (or gh-pages branch) always require the latest develop branch of Ampache. As soon as this is stabilized and Ampache gets a new version, this note will be updated with the required Ampache version.

Note that master branch may differ from gh-pages branch from time to time, and master branch may rely on commits that are not yet in Ampache develop branch. gh-pages branch is ensured to be working with latest Ampache develop branch.


The supported browsers should be:

  • IE >= 9 (previous versions of IE are no longer supported by Microsoft)
  • Any last three versions of major browsers (> 1% net share).
  • No support provided for Opera Mini.

If you experience any issue, please report :)


Building of this app relies on webpack.

First do a npm install to install all the required dependencies.

Then, to make a development build, just run webpack in the root folder. To make a production build, just run NODE_ENV=production webpack in the root folder. All files will be generated in the public folder.

Please use the Git hooks (in hooks folder) to automatically make a build before comitting, as commit should always contain an up to date production build.

Compilation cache is stored in .cache at the root of this repo. Remember to clean it in case of compilation issues.


See CONTRIBUTING.md file for extra infos.


This code is distributed under an MIT license.

Feel free to contribute and reuse. For more details, see LICENSE file.