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Phyks’ travel notes

This is a compilation of some travel experiences I have, and would like to share, stuff I’d like to know before leaving.

If you want to add some extra informations, feel free to contact me.

General advices

  • Always buy your tickets to a seller in the country of departure. This concerns maainly the trains and coaches tickets, as flight companies are in almost all the airports, or at least have agreements with other companies to represent them. So, let’s imagine you are travelling from Austria to Germany, you should buy your ticket at ÖBB (austrian railways) instead of DB (german railways). If you need to change your ticket before departure, miss your train, or whatever else, they will be able to handle it, whereas if you did not buy a ticket from them, they will simply tell you to go and ask the other company (which is usually not represented in the country of departure). In any cases, if you can’t use a ticket, always try to get a stamp saying that you did not use it.