3D ski maps. WIP.

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This is a rewrite of SkiMap in C++, to have the same codebase on every platform. There are then thin wrappers around the codebase, targetting the web (emscripten), Android and iOS.

How to build

  • mkdir build
  • cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug
  • make

The build system is based on a set of CMake files. This builds all the available platforms.

Working tree

  • build contains the built files
  • res contains the assets, such as shaders (res/raw). The res/ folder is exposed at the root in the app, through the wrappers (Android resource management for instance) or build (emscripten).
  • src/ contains the source code.
    • src/3rdparty contains the third-party libraries, added as git submodules.
    • src/core contains the core code, for the app itself.
    • src/framework contains useful classes and a basic framework for the app.
    • src/platform contains platform-specific code, such as wrappers.