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  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 61dc456224 Minor fixes in the code 5 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 5391d8d1dd Merge pull request #1 from MalcolmMielle/master 5 years ago
  MalcolmMielle 91a7334a65 Corrected things from the merge. 5 years ago
  Malcolm Mielle 9fc7cca182 Update README.md 5 years ago
  MalcolmMielle e2c85047ce corrected the try - import statement 5 years ago
  MalcolmMielle 543ebfbb89 python 2 and 3 compatible now 5 years ago
  MalcolmMielle 0fe65f4b4d Added utf8 for accent in print and a test file 5 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 25b8db512f Handle decoding error 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 338672624d text var could be undefined 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 02ed6d4592 Forgot to update a send() call 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 67151eba76 Better exception handling 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 97c270b3a5 Catch requests exception 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) bc1cd223b7 Bugfix when several accounts used on the same imap server 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 4d131cdb53 Add script 6 years ago
  Phyks (Lucas Verney) 353c2122a9 Initial commit 6 years ago