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This tar file contains three instances of AS graphs captured on May 15, 2002.
Each instance is contained in a file named `peer.[source].020515.

AS peering information inferred from Oregon route-views BGP data.

AS peering information inferred from RIPE RIS BGP data.

AS peering information inferred from (1) Oregon route-views,
(2) RIPE RIS BGP, (3) Looking glass data, and (4) Routing registry,
all combined.

Each peer file contains a set of lines formatted as "X:Y", which means
that AS X and AS Y has direct peering relationship between them.
The total number of lines in the file corresponds to the total number of
undirected edges in the resulting AS graph.

These data sets are available from http://topology.eecs.umich.edu/data.html.

For any further question, please contact hschang@eecs.umich.edu.